Dec 30, 2021

5 Signs That Your Home Needs a Full Rehab

5 Signs That Your Home Needs a Full Rehab

5 Signs That Your Home Needs a Full Rehab

Over the years, homes begin to age and show interior and exterior signs of necessary remodeling. A full home rehabmay seem like a massive investment for a homeowner, but with the right contracting crew on your side, a total exterior and interior remodel could lead to enormous ROI should you choose to sell your home years down the road.

A complete rehab is a huge decision that should never be taken lightly. However, if your home displays any of these top signs of wear and tear, it’s time to reach out to a full rehab contracting team.

Damaged Floors

If you are in your bathroom or kitchen and notice that your tiled floors are beginning to shift and become detached, this means that your grouting is old, and it’s time to consider new flooring for these areas of your home.

While you could always replace the current tile with new tile, adding wood flooring throughout your home can lead to increased property value that holds up well over time. No matter how you choose to approach repairs to your damaged floors, make sure to depend on a trustworthy contractor and not a dangerous and flawed DIY attempt.

Leaking Roof Systems

If you start to notice physical leaks coming into your home or stains along the ceiling, your roof system is damaged beyond a standard repair. At this point, your roof is a health and fire hazard. It’s necessary to bring in a professional renovation crew to quickly replace your roof and bring your home back to its safe and healthy roots.

Interior and Exterior Paint Damage

If your paint on the inside or outside of your home is starting to look faded and chipping, it’s time for a change. Even something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make your home look fresher, younger, and cleaner.

You’ve Outgrown Your Home’s Space

When we buy our homes, it’s usually with a long-term family plan in mind. However, sometimes life decides to throw unexpected issues our way, and it’s easy for a home to become cramped over the years as families grow.

Although a remodel that adds extra rooms to a home is still a costly addition, it will be less expensive than a full-blown move. So, if you truly love your home and don’t want to move as your family grows, consider hiring a reliable construction company to help make more space for your family.

Extensive Pest Damage

Termites, rodent infestations, and carpenter ants can do irreparable damage to a home over the years. From structural chewing to ripping apart electrical essentials, extensive pest damage is a sure sign that it’s time to consider some heavy remodeling.

At NEO Texas Construction, we won’t let pests drag your home into the ground. Our team can repair any surface damage as well as damage to your home’s plumbing and electrical systems.

Complete Your Full Rehab in the New Year With NEO Texas Construction

Whether you need a full rehab or some minor interior work done to your home, the team at NEO Texas Construction is available to help. Our contractors have decades of experience in the construction industry and quickly turn any remodeling vision into a beautiful reality.

Give yourself a fresh start this year with a professional remodel from the best contractors in Dallas. Contact NEO Texas Construction today to learn more about our services.