Nov 17, 2021

How much will it cost for an outdoor patio or kitchen?

With the notorious Texas heat, having an outdoor patio cover is always a good investment in order to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be a simple pergola or a full-on roof extension, this not only brings value to your home, but it allows to bring out the entire family for some relaxing time outside. The pergola route will be less expensive in comparison to bringing out the roof line and installing a cedar ceiling. If you are building both a patio cover and an outdoor kitchen, expect to pay more than if you are doing only one or the other. 

For a simple cedar pergola over an area of about 150-200 sq. ft., you can expect to pay around $9,000-$13,000 depending on if a concrete slab exists or not already. A metal pergola will general cost more due to the digging and welding required. Expect to pay around $11,500-$15,000 for same size area depending on pre-existing slab or not. 

Now let’s talk about a roof extension patio cover. These are an addition coming off from the roof and have roof shingles covering. They are popularly built with a stained wood decking for the ceiling finish. These are higher end finishes as you can easily run power to install lighting and fans through the ceiling. These typically will run around $27,000-$33,500 for a 150-200 sq. ft area depending as well on pre-existing slab. 

Finally let’s talk about costs for an outdoor kitchen build. Outdoor kitchens made of things such as ledger stone, countertops, built-in appliances, and running necessary connections can vary widely depending on size and material. A good balanced range for an average outdoor kitchen build will run you around. For an outdoor kitchen around 6-8 feet long with can cost around $7,000-$10,000. These usually include only an average built-in grill, countertop, and stone outer. If you want a longer layout with more options such as sinks, fridges, and lighting be prepared to budget around $18,000 and up.

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